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TallyFlow Track:

Personnel Tracking


Simplify and enhance your personnel tracking with automated identification and reporting.

  • Group tracking and reports

  • RFID and BLE beacon tracking

  • Categorized documentation photos

  • Security notifications

  • Optional access control

  • Enterprise integration


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TallyFlow WIP:

Work in Process Tracking

Ideal for manufacturing. Improve your ROI using multiple RFID read zones and time data to measure key results:

  • Know where your items are in the work process

  • Obtain time deltas within and between production phases

  • Gain insights on production rates, defect rates, and inventory


Contact us to learn more. 

TallyPoint Reader:

Secure RFID


IoT devices require a high level of security. The TallyPoint RF-1 is an all-in-one 4-port, intelligent, secure UHF RFID reader. Based on Ubuntu Core, security updates for 10 years are standard.

  • Azure and GCP supported

  • Security updates

  • POE or DC powered

  • Integrated and external antennas

  • Integrated LEDs and motion sensor

  • Programmable GPIOs

Learn more from here.

TallyFlow Edge:

Intelligent, Managed Endpoint


One of the challenges to IoT is managing the endpoint. What version of software is installed? Can I reboot it? TallyFlow Edge provides management and monitoring capabilities for our intelligent endpoint or gateway reader.

  • RFID and BLE beacon middleware

  • Device management and monitoring

  • Cloud integration

  • Supports multiple reader types

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TallyFlow Inventory:

Inventory Tracking


Use inexpensive RFID tags to manage your inventory.  Easy-to-administer and secure cloud solution.

  • Track and locate items

  • Programmable notifications

  • Categorized documentation photos

  • Continuous inventory

  • Optional ERP integration

Contact us to learn more. 

TallyFlow for Hand Hygiene


TallyFlow for hand hygiene uses RFID tracking to monitor your employees' handwashing compliance, reducing the risk of spreading bacteria and viruses. 

  • Nudge employees to wash hands with a beeper or blinking light on the soap dispenser.

  • Our software can automatically notify custodial if soap or sanitizer dispensers are almost empty.

  • Provide recognition and compliance feedback to users

Learn more on our TallyFlow for Hand Hygiene page

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