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TallyFlow is a software product suite of SDG Systems.

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TallyFlow Track:

Personnel Tracking


Simplify and enhance your personnel tracking with automated identification and reporting.

  • Group tracking and reports

  • RFID and BLE beacon tracking

  • Categorized documentation photos

  • Security notifications

  • Optional access control

  • Enterprise integration


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TallyFlow Inventory:

Inventory Tracking


Use inexpensive RFID tags to manage your inventory.  Easy-to-administer and secure cloud solution.

  • Track and locate items

  • Programmable notifications

  • Categorized documentation photos

  • Continuous inventory

  • Optional ERP integration

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TallyFlow Edge:

Intelligent, Managed Endpoint


One of the challenges to IoT is managing the endpoint. What version of software is installed? Can I reboot it? TallyFlow Edge provides management and monitoring capabilities for our intelligent endpoint or gateway reader.

  • RFID and BLE beacon middleware

  • Device management and monitoring

  • Cloud integration

  • Supports multiple reader types

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TallyFlow WIP:

Work in Process Tracking

Improve your ROI using multiple RFID read zones and time data to measure key results:

  • Know where your items are in the work process

  • Obtain time deltas within and between production phases

  • Gain insights on production rates, defect rates, and inventory


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