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TallyFlow Track

Manual tracking can be error-prone and time consuming. TallyFlow Track can automate your personnel or asset tracking, reporting and compliance. Companies who use TallyFlow Track will improve their "who, what, when, and where" knowledge for a quick return on investment.

TallyFlow Track Features

  • Daily reporting, including time tracking

  • Supervisor notes, including audit history

  • Worker segmentation by group, department or contractors

  • Physical tag (RFID, Bluetooth beacon, barcode) or bio (facial recognition) person identification

  • Tracking zones for security or safety monitoring.

  • Easy enrollment with enrollment station or web interface

  • Proven integration with enterprise systems (e.g. Procore upload of manpower data and logs)

  • Integrated device management (Blue Conductor) for device monitoring and updates

  • Cloud-based or on-premises solution

  • Real-time reporting of data allows you to see events as they occur

  • Multi-location tracking ("gates" and sites)

  • Proven hardware integration with various RFID readers or barcode scanners

  • Modular design for quick adaptations to your needs

  • System notifications (customizable event notifications)

  • Photo integration of workers or other photos for enchanced security

  • "Supervisor on site" feature for compliance management

  • Optional physical access control with locks or turnstiles and offline go/no-go capability

  • Optional source code access for collaborative enhancements

  • Optional sensor integration (extend to use other sensor technologies)

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Customer Story: Construction Personnel Tracking


Using the TallyFlow Track software, SDG Systems has implemented RFID site access control,  DCRs (Daily Construction Reports), PTPs (Pre-Task Plans) and other tracking metrics for the General Contractor (GC). Subcontractors have their own logins to complete their own DCR. All of the subs DCRs are rolled up into the GC DCR, summarizing the work done on the site that day. Hours and work logs are uploaded to Procore each night. The GC site supervisors now have more time for site management and safety.  This software has been utilized at Suffolk Construction, Shangi-La Construction, Balfour-Beatty and others.

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