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TallyFlow is a software product suite of SDG Systems.

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Why TallyFlow?

TallyFlow provides innovative RFID data collection with intelligent processing at the network edge. This results in high performance, greater robustness and lower network utilization. Some of the features are as follows:

  • Local Filtering and Processing of Tag Data

  • Customizable Business Intelligence, including RFID Zones and heuristics (recipes)

  • Cloud-based Configuration & Monitoring included at no additional cost

  • Multiple Hardware Options from a single code base

TallyFlow does not require on-premise servers. This reduces internal IT resource needs. The TallyFlow web application works in standard web browsers and provides a clean, modern appearance. The app is responsive: it works well on both desktops and mobile devices.

TallyFlow Advantages

  • Intelligent endpoints (edge)

    • Operates with or without network

    • Programmable heuristics (recipes)

    • Local decisions

    • Lower impact on network

  • Visual engagement

    • Mobile Tablet + reader for user/operator information

    • Optional display at fixed readers

  • Modern design

    • Android instead of WEHH (end of life) for Mobile

    • Cloud solution for low IT costs

  • In-house engineers - no outsourcing

  • Secure, encrypted communications

  • Integrated device management

    • Remote updates

    • Remote logs

    • RFID settings

  • Open, REST API for integrations and data mining

  • Flexible hardware options, including kiosks

  • Intelligent notifications

TallyFlow: More than Tracking

  • Safety

    • Alerts based on proximity

    • Mustering

  • Workflows (Timed)

    • Time in zone

    • Work in Process (WIP) tracking

    • What, Where, When, Who

  • Optional Access Control